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LCD Airline Message Display
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LY-FSLCD Flight Public Display Module

Characteristic comparison of LY-FSLCD module product and LED

If the LED is displayed in a fixed mode for a longtime, the performance of the components constituting the lamp is deteriorated,and then the bright spot phenomenon occurs.Inaddition, LED is displayed by continuous light, the lamp in the non-light statewill not be identified finally.In this case, because the LED can not bereplaced as a lamp unit, it is necessary to replace the entire component.

Compared with the LED, the LCD componentsour company produced use LCD as the optical switch, and use multiple LED tubeas a back light source, and the situation of the individual LED lamp does notshine does not appear to be unrecognizable phenomenon.Ordinary LED display is a point-to-point display, a group LEDdisplay failure will affect the complete display.

In addition, in terms of MTBF using the fault period,compared to the whole face with LED tube laying the general LED components, LY-LCDaverage trouble-free time to upgrade 3 times (comparison between the full colorLED components).Our product has a very high stability.For example: LED display 24 * 24 pixels need to use 24 * 24 =576 group RGB LED to driver. And LY-LCD use backlight 16 * 8 = 128 group RGB LED,the ratio is 576: 128 = 4.5: 1 and comprehensive parameters summed up: 3 times.

Compare with traditional LCD

The traditional LCD use white backlight and display the colorby the color filter formed in the LCD panel. The color display principle isvery different with our LCD.In addition, it needs to decompose every1 dot matrix into RGB, which inevitably leads to the change of the displayaperture rate according to the color.Thisis also the reason why it has a low contrast and viewing angle range.In contrast, our company's LCD use colorless color filter,LCD panel does not exist in the color filter.

Principle about luminous: use of high life, high efficiencyLED tube, and use our company's unique surface-emitting backlight, through theRGB color display to control color.

LCDonly play a role in the shutter, showing the aperture rate does not depend onthe display color, so the product has character like excellent display color,high contrast, wide viewing angle range.

Thechip of RGB three colors were independently composed, through the Red, Green, Bluethree kinds of color LED constitute a color mixing, and then the occurrence ofstains. But if RGB in each chip mixed color light, which also eliminates thestain.

Have a high degreeof recognition, meticulous care of your eyes.

Sequential scan color display

Rely on the rapid response of the LCD panel, to achieve themulti-color display in the same area.Withoutcolor filter to achieve color display, the display color display aperture ratiois exactly the same, thereby improving the recognition.

Broad perspective

By developing FTN-based liquid crystal based on wide viewingangle film, the color difference at various angles is reduced.

High contrast

Through the FTN LCD and high efficiency LED backlightdevelopment, to achieve a high contrast.

Quick response

Using the most suitable liquid crystal panel material, inorder to achieve a rapid response to the display and make the scroll display isalso possible.

Suitable for large display devices

Rely on our company's own LCD manufacturing technology, canreduce the color difference between the modules, can be combine in multi-line,multi-stage equipment.

Easy to maintain

Specially designed backlight structure, making the backlightrepair and other maintain work easier.

Backlight remote dimming function

According to the external signal, you can adjust thecolor and brightness.

Display device design specifications for reference

l  Seismic specifications:1.2 G, Seismic resistance:7

l  Self-diagnostic function (memory, backlight, fan, etc.)

l  Replace the display function when the module is faulty

l  Intelligent temperature control function

l  To prevent CPU crash function

l  Anti-lightning function

l  Anti-static function

l  To prevent instantaneous power failure

l  Eliminate AC power noise

l  Modular replacement, maintainability

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